The Depopulation Bomb


CD Jewel-Box (Ir 193.1) - DOROBO

Black Lung's music has been called a 'soundtrack' for a film or a movie that has yet to be made, while others consider them to be a good choice of thinking man's ambient music.
This is the kind of music that requires the listener(s) to close their eyes,open their mind and expect the unexpected, this is your pilot speaking... we sincerely hope you have a nice trip.
Best ambiant sounds from Australia.

1 The Unreality Industry 5:20
2 The Depopulation Bomb 4:56
3 Eugenics 4:16
4 Joyful Slaughter (Of The Capitalist Swine) 5:24
5 The More Confusion... The More Profit 6:31
6 God Was The First Cop 7:15
7 Angstlos 5:26
8 Batch Consignment 7:47
9 Blood Sacrifice 5:10
10 The Drone Of The Cattle 4:14
11 Population Control 5:36
12 Unreality Again 3:24

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