The Great Unlearning



The 2CD version of the group's fantastic 2019 album first out only as double LP on the Egyptian/Algerian label Nashazphone.

Ramleh return in 2019 with "The Great Unlearning" downbeat electronic leanings making a complex and bold follow-up to 2015's Circular Time.
Produced by Anthony Di Franco and Gary Mundy and also featuring Philip Best, Stuart Dennision, Sarah Fröelich, and Martyn Watts, The Great Unlearning represents the most complete artistic statement from this incarnation of Ramleh, and possibly of the band's entire career.
With their new album, Ramleh map out a vast musical and psychological terrain which they use as a base to simultaneously critique, satirize and ultimately warn against the perilous limits of human megalomania.
Recording sessions engineered by Danny Cross and Thom Ashworth.
Audio mastering by James Plotkin.
Artwork by Jonas Delaborde and Hendrik Hegray.
And of course the usual Broken Flag quality!

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