The Hunt


Music Cassette in Clear Vinyl Case (AE79) - ABSURD EXPOSITION

Limited Edition 133 copies

This is the Music-Cassette version of the LP out on "Closed Casket Activities"

God Is War the Los Angeles-based artist and producer a.k.a. Mack Chami (Terror Cell Unit / Koufar / Crown of Cerberus) joins forces with Toronto-based Andrew Nolan (Intensive Care, Column of Heaven, The Endless Blockade) for The Hunt, and stretch boundaries into oblivion without compromise.
Friends and occasional collaborators for over a decade, throughout 2022, they assembled The Hunt, pooling their respective talents into one vision. “Andrew brings order to my chaos,” notes Mack.
“I’ll do my glitchy stuff, and he’ll pick out the parts he likes the most and makes them more cohesive.
I feel like we’re pushing forward by using more unconventional electronic music approaches to create a dark and heavy electronic mashup of dubstep, IDM, and hip-hop,”

Continuing this line of thought Andrew observes “the origins of industrial, power electronics, techno, dub, and hip hop all have similar stories when it comes to technology; people repurposing cheap consumer electronics to create new forms and expressions and building genres out of these experiments.
Why not apply hip hop sampling techniques to feedback? Why not process drums like you’re making a noise record?”
The result of this cross-pollination is a harrowing détournement of contemporary electronic music’s utopianism.

 The title track “The Hunt” illustrates the power of their alchemy.
The production booms with a cavernous rumble, leaving space for New Villain of No Face Krew to stalk the rhythm with incisive rhymes on the record’s sole vocal passage. “It’s the hardest track on the album,” Mack states. “Andrew, New Villain, and I are gentlemen who aren’t just sitting around hoping that something takes off.
We’re all very active in music.
As we continue to get our footing more, it’s like our hunts get meaner and meaner.
You don’t just hunt once in a lifetime; you hunt for a lifetime.”

In the end, The Hunt unapologetically pulls audiences into the unknown. “I’m hoping this can inspire other folks to look at a new way of making beats.” Mack concludes.

Edition of 133 copies pro-dubbed in real-time.
Housed in clear vinyl cases with double-sided trap sheet artwork and double-sided insert.

All sounds by Mack Chami and Andrew Nolan 2022
Vocals on “The Hunt” by New Villain of No Face Krew
Produced & Mixed by Andrew Nolan
Mastered by Daniele Antezza at Dadub Studio
Art & Layout by Give Up

Edition of 133 copies pro-dubbed in real-time.
Housed in elegant clear vinyl cases with double-sided artwork plus double-sided insert.
Includes download-card.

1 I Paint Houses
2 The Hunt (Feat. New Villain)
3 No Dog In You
4 Pressin' On You
5 Devil's Smile (See You When I See You)
6 Now You See It, Now You Don't...But You Know It's There So Come With Me
7 Traversing Shadows
8 Undermining Your Life
9 Smoky Backroom Card Game Heist
10 Think As You Like But Act As Others

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