The Invisible Army


CD Digipak (TW 1.133) - TWILIGHT RECORDS

After collaborating on various compilations with new songs HYPERBOREI returns with new album.
"The Invisible Army" talks about all those invisible people who seek a change for the future of humanity.
15 new songs between Dark-Folk, Martial, Neoclassical .
Many guest musicians as Karina Giselle from RAVEN WINGS Gaby Nekro from NEKRODAMUS, Baron Von S ( BARBAROSSA UMTRUNK ) among others.
A new step in the career of these two musicians that besides Hyperborei also compose music for films....

1 The Invisible army, the beginnig
2 Pray to the forest
4 Summer time
5 Strangers
6 Summer wine
7 Takeda lullaby
8 Under the waters
9 The invisible army , into the battle
10 The victim was your heart
11 Cathedral`s whisper
12 Lament
13 On the battlefront
14 The Beginning of the end
15 The Last song
16 The invisible Army, the end ...

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