The Katherines (W​.​I​.​S​.​P​.​)​


CD Digipak (AAD60) - ABHORRENT A.D.

Limited Edition 200 copies

Full length album from the always ambitious Sam McKinlay, an innovator responsible for single-handedly developing new types of noise and obsessively studying them...pushing himself to discover various approaches to channel his interests into THE RITA.
Always one step ahead, intuitively moving forward and transforming/deconstructing his sound just as it starts to become arrogated by imitators.
Sam doesn't follow trends, he sets them by unapologetically doing things his own unique way...this is just one aspect that should influence other artists, not to just discover your own sound and themes, but to continuously maintain an engaged dedication to it.

'The Katherines' is an album consisting of seven chapters of processed source material using Princess Katherine dialogue from Henry V and the sound from video of Princess Catherine (aka Kate Middleton)...the result is minimal, repetitive sputtering lines of fractured audio that makes an ideal long-form companion to the work found on the 'W.I.S.P. II' (Joy De Vivre) and 'Goneril & Regan' (Grisaille) tapes, as well as the 'Déchéance' 7 inch that was released by AAD last year.

1.  The Katherines 1 6:59
2.  Katherine 1 2:59
3.  Katherine 2 3:31
4.  The Katherines 2 7:03
5.  The Katherines 3 7:02
6.  The Katherines 4 7:01
7.  Catherine 10:19

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