The last Technocide

M.B. [Maurizio Bianchi] / LCB [Le Cose Bianche]

CD Digipack (OECD 230) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Limited Edition 300 copies

September 30 2016 will be an historical date for lovers of true Industrial muzak!
In fact this will be the date in which one of the fathers of Industrial, none less that Mr. MAURIZIO BIANCHI / M.B. will play live for the very first time in his long career coadiuvated in this special set by GIOVANNI MORI (LCB / Le Cose Bianche) and this will be also the first and last live appearance by MB / Maurizio Bianchi.
For this occasion maurizio and Giovanni was working on this collaborative album!

The result are 2 long tracks of best analogic Old-School Industrial in the long Italian tradition for such sounds.
Uncompromising muzak with factory-like & brocken non-rythms, sharp-cutting noises, allarm-rumours...
as we was used by MB in the 1980'es.

1. Hardtronicore  24:27
2. The Last Technocide  18:37

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