First Live Performance


CD Digipack (GIA06) - HYPNAGOGIA

Limited Edition 300 copies

Live at Morden Tower, Newcastle, 1983
Having been around since the early ‘80s, TNB have become one of the most renowned and influential artists producing this nauseating genres of music, if it can be called that. First Live Performance captures TNB in superbly punishing form as they deliver a constant wave of analogue noise which tears shreds off you as it claws itself from the speakers… It’s hard to believe that there are artists who still don’t manage to replicate the ferocious nature of this almost 30 years later.
An amazingly achieved piece of Noise history.
Limited edition of 300 copies.

Tracklist .
01 First Live Performance (Part1) 18:08
02 First Live Performance (Part 2) 18:53

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