Archaic Spines


CD Digifile (ASP 10) - A SILENT PLACE

Brad Rose, the man behind the Digitalis and Foxglove labels returns with another solo album.
Archaic Spines is an album that utilises only a bouzouki and a hint of vocals, spreading five celestial ragas over forty minutes of improvisation.
Unlike the open tuned raga variations we've come to expect from the Takoma lineage, these pieces tend to be strummed with droning open strings as you'd find in classical sitar music.
For all the nods toward Eastern harmonic patterns and improvisational structures Rose remains plugged into American folk music and psychedelia - with typically imaginative, fanciful song titles like 'Silent Order Of The Shrouded Tombs' and 'The Feather'd King, The Bluejay Queen' being suggestive of the trance-inducing mediaeval mysticism Rose is aiming for with his extended string workouts.

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