The Odyssey


CD Digipak (LER022/2018) - LA ESENCIA

Limited Edition 300 copies

Collaborative album by Regard Extrême and Dark Awake.
Regard Extrême and Dark Awake has managed to create the ultimate mythological concept split album about Ulysses and his adventures, inspired by the Greek Epic poem Homer's Odyssey!
Both bands worked on all tracks together, combining their styles and forces to create this opus.
An album with a rare quality and class absolutely essential for any fans of Martial Industrial , Neoclassical, Epic, Ethereal, Dark Ambient.
The key parts of the Ulysses story are unraveled in a magnificent way both in terms of feeling and atmosphere.
CD comes in 3 panel digipack CD plus 8 pages booklet and embossed letters on the cover.

1.Towards A Long Journey
2.Polyphemus (A Trick Against The Cyclops)
3.The Land Of Laistrygones
4.Teiresias (Prophet In The Underworld)
5.Circe (Metamorphosis)
6.The Sirens (Fascinating Song)
7.Scylla And Charybdis
8.The Island Of Sun God (Helios)
9.Ogygia (Calypso's Island)
10.Mentor (A Message From A Goddess)
11.Ithaca (The Return Of The King)

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