The Outside


2xCD Digipak (OECD 276) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Fourth chapter of the series that began with with 'Whispers Of The Approaching Wastefulness' (Cyclic Law, 2007).
Among the four is the most approachable to the concept of soundtrack because it was composed imagining the evolution of a fictional story (which will soon become a VR experience).
After centuries of isolation the human race begins a journey in search of the causes that led to the end of its world, and for the first time it approaches the Structures, new life forms that have developed and evolved in the emptiness of the Outside.

The second disc contains old pieces remixed by some good NRT friends in the dark ambient / industrial genre

Album released in collaboration with Cyclic Law.

01.  The Outside (I) : Sunrise
02.  What we have seen. What has driven us away (ft. Sysselmann)
03.  The Outside (II) : Facing the void
04.  Corrosion of pillars
05.  The Outside (III) : Structure
06.  The Outside (IV) : Bodies float silently
07.  Birth of a new Disciple (II) (ft. Corona Barathri)

01.  A vision of the hidden (remixed by Sysselmann)
02.  Echoes from the loss (remixed by Visions)
03.  Breath of growing structures (featuring Taphephobia)
04.  Humani Nihil (remixed by Phantom Ship)
05.  Sad silent prostrations before the Monolith (remixed by Vestigial)
06.  Sigh of the soul (remixed by Apocryphos)
07.  Signs of the approaching wastefulness (II) (remixed by New Risen Throne)
08.  Withered regions (remixed by TeHÔM)

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