Genius Loci



Debut album by thes UK based project.
The sound of Genius Loci is borne from simple hypnotic guitar patterns and atmospheric electronics, close to the esoteric electronics of COIL and the psychedelic industrial sounds of CONTRASTATE...
Vocals are kept to short choruses, there drawn-out delivery assuming a strong ritual flavour, most often, though, the spoken words are delivered like voiceovers on a documentary film.
A mesmerizing piece of work, one that consistently entertains, intrigues and inspires.
There's a Shakespearian quality to the music, reminding us there is something rotten in the Albion kingdom, that the streets of London were paved on blood and set to put Alan Moore From Hell.

01 - The fires of London
02 - Camden Book of the Dead
03 - Have you ever?
04 - Where roots think of the child
05 - Spare thoughts
06 - The Ones who walked before
07 - Genius Loci
08 - Certain shifting angles
09 - OK commuter

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