The Rituals



Following a recent appearance on Drone Mind Vol 5, Ukrainian act Monocube makes his way into the halls of Malignant for his second, full length recording, featuring nine tracks and just over an hour worth of material ensconced in shadowy, enveloping atmospheres, intact with all the hallmarks of classic dark ambient: arcing, cinematic textures, elegiac melody, and timestretched drift.
As The Rituals progresses, it becomes increasingly populated by something even more ominous and bleak; undertones of ancient tribalism and fiery invocations arise, mixed with the blackened soot of distant factory churn and the burning remnants of an ashen wasteland.

Featuring collaborative tracks with Treha Sektori, Apocryphos, and Asmorod, The Rituals is an immersive and compelling work, seamlessly bound together in an embrace of darkness.

1. Visiones III
2. Drowned Sun
3. Downwards (feat. Apocryphos)
4. Totem Incantation
5. Fires Shifting - Nocturnal Motion
6. Through Our Blood
7. Father Fenris
8. Anthracite Glow (feat. Treha Sektori)
9. Initiation (feat. Asmorod)

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