The Three Worlds - Vanity Of Allegory


CD Digifile (LER020/2017) - LA ESENCIA

Limited Edition 300 copies

“The Three Worlds” is a work about transience on many levels, perfectly elucidated in the Buddhist Sutra “Far Reaching Pleasures”, “The three worlds are transient like clouds in autumn / Birth and death of all beings unfold like a dance / Their lives rush away like a mountain stream / Vanish like lightning in the sky”, which serves as the contextual framework for the CD series and is translated in the most beautiful and poetic fashion with three painstakingly arranged photographic scenes based on vanitas symbolism of old masters’ paintings.

The object photograph “Vanity of Allegory” plays with the dissolution of all phenomena, the transience of all things, all allegories, featuring an extinguished candle, jewellery – and the artist himself, vacuously pointing his finger a skull laughing at the spectator from the mirror.
All that is combined with poetry suggesting the dissolution of the ego, seemingly closing the circle. Besides collected tracks from old and recent cassette releases and compilations, this also features three unreleased tracks from the “Death Over China” recordings and therefore represents the newest cut from the trilogy and thus musically bridges the gap to the recent works of Anemone Tube with their profound depth and complexity of sound.

1 Obscure The Sun 4:00
2 Climate Controller 3:11
3 Deathly Kingdom Of Desire 5:14
4 The Sirens (Death Over China II) 7:26
5 Abstract Death 4:35
6 Under The Mask Of Beauty 1:26
7 Screen Test Intersection 2:21
8 State Of Preservation 3:21
9 From Anthropocentrism To Demonocentrism II 6:28

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