The Venus Bellona (promo)



Rare "CRUEL MOON" Promo-Album.
Comes in a cardboard sleeve, includes sheet with liner notes and Proscriptor's picture.

A strange & unique concept album based around the mythology of Scotland.
Synths, percussion, acoustic guitar, grand piano, bagpipes...
A unique and strange mix of ambient and experimental sounds.
Released back in 1995.

An Initium For You     0:58
I Am The One     2:49
Our Blood And Veins From The McGovern Regiment     2:28
Hi Ri Ri Tha E Tighinn     2:06
Lady Day Eve     4:34
Madeleine     5:06
Kiss Of Shame     1:38
Tractatus     1:24
My Legacy: A Crysknife     0:51
Serpentine Of Six-Fold Stars     5:52
The Barren Stones Of Lughnasadh     2:40
Far Away From Balkan Hills     1:27
De La Fletus Des Athroll (After The Massacre Of Glencoe) Part II     2:34
Chromere!     1:02
Commanding The Dragon Of Keppoch     2:03
Ground's Afire     0:51
Defeat     1:24
We Raise Our Silver Goblets In Triumph     1:48
We Procured The Non-Existence Of Xalteun     1:43
Finem Habere: Flames For You / I Ran (So Far Away)     6:55

This is rare!
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