The Chasms Of My Heart

THEOLOGIAN [Navicon Torture Technologies]

CD Digipack in DVD format (CBR104 ) - CRUCIAL BLAST

On Theologian's debut album for Crucial Blast The Further I Get From Your Star...
Leech established a new trajectory for his unique brand of pitch-black, rhythm-heavy industrial music that he'd previously explored with "Navicon Torture Technologies".
Under this new name, the power electronics and death industrial influences were merged into even darker, more majestic sounds, crafting something that was significantly more atmospheric than his work with NTT, while also reaching into new extremes of experience.
On Theologian's latest, The Chasms Of My Heart, this sound is perfected, incorporating more melody and percussion into the long, oppressive dead-world ambiance and pummeling electronic doomscapes.
Every track on Chasms - from the more minimal abyssal dronescapes to the thunderous percussive power of the opener - exudes a kind of dark majesty, perfectly blending in the vague orchestral sounds (strings, choral voices, synthetic horns) with the more abrasive and noisy textures that seep from every corner of the album.
This is for sure one of the finest slabs of apocalyptic electronic / industrial music.

Tracklist :
1 Abandon All Hope 14:37
2 Starvation Is A Legitimate Weapon Of War 4:40
3 My Body Is Made Of Ash...I Live As Ash 11:30
4 We Can't All Be Victims 10:00
5 I Don't Exist 8:34
6 Bed Of Maggots 8:15
7 The Chasms Of My Heart 8:21
8 Every Road Leads To Abandonment 13:02

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