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Limited Edition 300 copies

Blake's Optimism is the result of experiments by Adrien Tibi (Feigur, Attralia, Asubha) and Alexandre Caelles (Waveland, Red City Noise).
Initially formed for live performances that mostly occured in the brazier of the Lyonese Sonic Boat, Blake's Optimism distorts the codes of the post-punk, martial industrial and neofolk music genres.
If on stage, Blake's Optimism invites Jessica93 for an over-infused tea with Boyd Rice, uniforms are here replaced with velvet and intimacy. Recorded in Aarhus, Denmark, this record will please fans of Death In June, Rome and In Slaughter Natives.

A-1 Prepare, Prepare!!! 3:20
A-2 Ballyhoo 3:05
B-1 Die Schwarzmarsch 2:40
B-2 Knives As Apparatus 4:35

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