Towers of Silence


LP (stx.32) - SILKEN TOFU

Limited Edition 300 copies

More than 20 years after the recordings for their debut album “The Tyranny of Distance”, LAST DOMINION LOST come up with brand-new material recorded between 2012 and 2014, brilliantly mastered by James Plotkin in June 2014. Besides the core band members Jon Evans, John Murphy (Krank, Ex-SPK, Shining Vril) and Julian Percy (Ratbag), “Towers of Silence” includes guest contributions by Ash Wednesday (Ex-Einstürzende Neubauten), Till Brüggemann (Gerechtigkeits Liga) and Annie Stubbs among others.

In Mumbai there are a number of brick towers, into which the Parsi people of India throw their dead ones, bound for their final journey up to heaven inside the vulture's bellies.
This habit of sky burial derives from the Zoroastrian cult of Ancient Iran, where heaven was imagined as a very physical place.
The towers, which remind of archaic silos, are called Dakhma or in English Towers of Silence.

LAST DOMINION LOST leave it to the listeners to guess where “Towers of Silence”, the allegorical title of their new album, really refers to – the fatal nature of physical life?
The awkward edges between biological mortality and the idea of an eternal afterlife?
The dreadful content which you may find inside what people built up?
It's all open.
One thing that LAST DOMINION LOST clearly show is how loud and infernal the silence of ending can be imagined. Screams of rage and anxiety intermingle with the shoutings of warriors – if the latter is not rather the croaking of vultures, who gather around corpses – until all is buried under an avalanche of infernal noise.

A1 Stagma    
A2 Sektor F    
A3 S.E.A.T.O.    
A4 Caesium Sunrise    
A5 Kavum    
B1 Hexatom    
B2 Chlorpromazine    
B3 Chöd Ritual    
B4 Minol    
B5 Towers Of Silence

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