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TOY is the project of Sandro Gronchi, an Italian multimedia sound & visual researcher! With his debut album Sandro is presenting us an hybrid work containing 1 audio track and 1 visual track constructed with Flash program for PC where 44 paper art-works in white & grey scale digitally reworked appear on the screen through a cross fade without any soundtrack so you can feed inside the images in perfect silence.
A great concept work regarding the world connected to : PAPER! Paper can be manipulated, manually extended, a place where you can show your mental process.
The sound source for the audio track in the disc is a field recording of offset typographic machines during printing process.
The end result of the track is a sort of “Konstructivist” composition.
The package which hosts the disc is a non-printed folder in heavy glossy paper, with a piece of burned paper sticked on packaging front plus a rough cotton paper sheet in the middle which makes each cover / package unique and different from all the other ones! Additionally there are four printed inserts, three representing Sandro’s art-works all developed from paper manipulation and a fourth one with all production details.

A conceptual TOY to be listened & manipulated...
A conceptual TOY for your PC & your HiFi...
A conceptual TOY for your eyes, ears & fingers...
Discover the fetishist world of PAPER through TOY !
To be compared to : Aube / Alan Lamb / G*Park / Toy Bizarre...

This is rare!
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