After several ultra-limited CDR-releases, with "333" finally comes the debut-CD album of the German NeoFolk band TRINITHOS.
Past years they played several concerts together with their friends SEELENTHRON and TRAUM'ER LEBEN.
Their music is best to describe as dreamy NeoFolk with a slight DarkPop touch, with orchestral parts, martial drums and even some apocalyptically dark experimental passages.
On "333" the band plays a large variety of acoustic instruments, like several different guitars, bass, violins, flutes, drums, didgeridoo...
As well as a few beautiful electronic arrangements.
The vocals are polyphonic performances of German lyrics by male and female voices and deal about mythologic themes, natur romanticism and theories of cognition.

1 Für Die Ewigkeit  8:33
2 Nordwind     6:03
3 Hochzeit Zwischen Hagalaz Und Ostara     4:44
4 Im Heimlichen Wald    6:57
5 Schwedens Wind     6:23
6 Dunkle Sonne   6:58
7 Das Opfer     4:04
8 Weltenpuls   4:35
9 Erwachen I     2:49
10 Erwachen II     2:34
11 Erwachen III     3:18
12 Das Erwachen      16:33

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