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"SEN" is the 2nd full length Troum album, it was originally released in the "Mort aux Vaches" series on "Staalplaat" in 2000.
The album was recorded 'live in the studio' in Amsterdam at the VPRO studios in December 1999 in one take with no overdubs.
A vinyl re-issue (double pic-LP) was released on Equation Records in early 2008.
This is the first CD re-issue.

"Sen" is fixated on the North Sea where sheets of black ice creak under the tidal currents that roll onto a rocky beach.
Troum sees no need to utter any direct references, implying their metaphors begind a bleak drone haze of guitars, bells, voice, and keyboards treated with a heavy dose of synthetic cathedral reverb.
Sen reveals Troum's post-industrial background with a churning drum machine which rumbles underneath the complex tonal patterns like an antiquated seaside factory.
Troum, more so than their precedent incarnation Maeror Tri, has the potential to invoke awe through their hypnogogic expanses of droning sound.
Rarely have they failed to push beyond their potential, and Sen is no exception.

Tracklist :
1 Sen 63:05

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