True North


CD Jewel-Box (Arya ‎– Y07) - AMPLEXUS

High quality collaboration of two great open minded musicians.
Amir Baghiri and Mathias Grassow dedicate twelve chapters to the idea of "North".
Epic but at the same time delicate attitude developes orchestral themes of seducing nocturnal art, contemplating iced lands where nature teaches humans their own helplessness.
TRUE NORTH is a convincing sampler of dreamy dark landscapes, revealing ghostly presences in a heavenly dimension where celestial visions stimulate emotional pleasures.
Ambient and tribal sounds reminding of the finest efforts of German cosmic music.

1 Jotunheimen 3:47
2 Finnmark 8:59
3 66º33' 8:35
4 Old Man Walking 11:41
5 Really Trolls 2:30
6 Fjell Og Fjord 3:12
7 Polarnights 2:28
8 Hardanger Vidda 6:39
9 Tussen 1:13
10 Man Of Aran 9:47
11 At The Waterfall 3:50
12 Beginning 11:00

This is rare!
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