Death Comes from the Left [First Edition]


7" Vinyl (DR-50) - DRONE

Coming originally from Texas, the trio ultrasound (partly ex-STARS OF THE LID) are now located in Den Haag, Netherlands, and Austin, Texas, USA.
They did a couple of fantastic guitar-drone-releases in the 90s, climaxing in their so far latest CD-album Hamesh, that went into new musical territory combining melodic songs with drones.
Ultrasound submerges the listener into a deep salty sea to float on the frail border between air and water, light and reflection, perception and knowing.
This is pure yearning transformed into sounds.

Clear vinyl comes in transparent nylon-cover with clear sticker for cover notes.

A Death Comes From The Left (5:34)
B A Fool Listens With His Eyes (5:19)

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