Winter Songs


CD Digipack + CD-R (BRAG 005) - BRAGAGILD

UNVEILED, the solo project of Hansen, might be more known for his cooperation with NWW.
Each songs individual sound is further developed with a variety of guest musicians, vocals and engineers.
Evocative and reiterative Industrial-Ambient sounds mixed to voices...

We offer a rare special edition of this CD album including the bonus  "STEVEN JOHNSON LEYBA ‎– Live In Copenhagen" CDr
'"Apache" means "enemy".
On the 5th of October 2001while America was reflecting, a public ritual performance took place in Copenhagen.
It was the Mescalero Apache and Highpriest in the Church Of Satan, Reverend Steven Johnson Leyba, who cursed the President of the United States of America in an act of blood offering, flag burning and unspeakable things.
Invoking dark forces in nature and mind was a prerequisite for the success of this ritual performance, and for that purpose  composed a row of special sound tracks to be played in the hours before and after the ritual.
In this vibrating audiospace a powerful contact emerged between and beyond all those attending the gathering.
These special sound tracks are now in your hands to remember the American Holocaust!

CD Tracklist:
1  Snakes And Pines     9:47
2  You Wish (For Something Dark)     21:05
3  Give Me A Sun That Burns     29:05
4  The Water Beneath Our Feet     13:59

This is rare!
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