10" Vinyl ((sic 104)) - CIPHER PRODUCTIONS

Limited Edition 100 copies

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A project weaned on the legendary SLOUGHTER PRODuCTIONS label (the label run by Marco Corbelli / Atrax Morgue) before carving its name into the papery skin of the industrial underbelly for the last two decades.
Unworthy harks back to the nosocomephobia of Hospital Murders and Autofagia, its unsettling synthesizer lines realising a harrowing picture of blood-spotted hallways, crumbling infrastructure and patient distress.
Unworthy is N. in its most evocative and fear-fuelled state.

10” vinyl comes in special printed fabric cover.
Limited edition of 100 copies.

A1 Unworthy Situation
A2 Images Hunter
A3 Relapse
B1 Into Psychosis

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