Comrades in lost …

Various Artists

CD Jewel Box (semema 02 ) - SEMEMA

This is a multimedia / audio CD.
An introduction to Latvian Industrial / Martial music and arts.

The Multimedia part of the CD is developed as 3D acoustically visual space with gates and rooms, which can be navigated, creating impression of a real space.
The CD contains the program with the modular structure, which includes feature of dynamic content update from the Internet website of Semema.
After the activation, the program connects to Semema server to check any update availability - if there are any updates available, the program automatically downloads them and add to the existing base part.
In such way the existing virtual space is being upgraded with the latest available content. In case there is no Internet connection available, the program will provide access only to the data available on the original CD.

1 Traur Zot Kas Tu Esi? (7:35)
2 Traur Zot & Claustrum Comrades In Lost... (4:06)
3 Traur Zot Mort Port (5:24)
4 Devnoise Rising (Live From Club@Melkweg) (6:03)
5 Devnoise Visions Of Ipomoea (4:47)
6 Devnoise Merkabah (RT-32) (3:05)
7 Claustrum Sarez.e (8:51)
8 Claustrum Pogrebni (Rudens Lapas) (6:44)
9 Claustrum Polar Plasma Wave (3:57)
10 2ot Subsensorais Lauks (2:27)
11 2ot Prototips (5:48)
12 Barodarho Vara Vairo Varu (2:53)
13 Knauzers Naves Ena (4:04)

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