Manifest Destiny

Various Artists


Triskele Recordings is proud to offer this ambitious compilation which spotlights American artists working within the dominantly European Post-Industrial, Experimental, and Neofolk fields.
Each artist has worked within their own relentless vision to produce individual works of remarkable will and quality.
Comprised of many exclusive tracks from established artists and newcomers alike, this American document is the first of its kind in the genre.
A new sound from the New World.

1. Luftwaffe - The Battle Hymn of the Republic
2. David E. Williams - The Soil of Langemark
3. Cult Of Youth - Blackbird
4. Valence - Stolen Wine
5. In Ruin - Reckoning
6. Awen - The Iconoclast
7. Gnomonclast - Without Corruption
8. Verdandi - Ragnarok
9. C.O.T.A - Dream
10. Eric K. - Enemy Ancestry
11. H8! - The Hour is Hate
12. Steel Hook Prostheses - Project MK-Ultra
13. Deform Uniform - Imminent Death

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