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CD Carton Sleeve (KF-III) - KULT FRONT

16 Russian industrial projects, more or less known, prepared exclusive tracks for this compilation.
There was a simple task given to the musicians :
try to express their attitude to revolution in general and to National-Bolshevism in particular.
Maliciously, archly, pathetically, cosmically, intelligently all went different.
That's why the compilation contains very stylistically diverse, but qualitatively rich and rather difficult for one-time listening industrial mass.
Cardboard sleeve symbolizes the frailty of existence while the CD itself is done in the form of steel armoured train wheel. J
ust as revolution absorbs absolutely everything, the music and design of this release include completely incompatible, sometimes diametrically opposed things.
Intro and Outro contain the recordings made during revolutionary mass-meeting in St. Petersburg at November 7, 2004.
Conceptually, this CD has all the chances to go down in history of Russian industrial."

Featuring :
Nazi Bastards From Aldebaran
Rupor Udara
Majdanek Waltz
MP 44
Kryptogen Rundfunk
Cloning Experiment Failure
Linija Mass
Fedor Svolotch
Mashina I Trans V Urbastrukture
Shumy Rossii (Noises of Russia)
Disciplina Arcani

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