The Shape Of Solitude


CD Jewel Box (MRC 027) - MULTIMOOD

Collaboration by the well known ambient electronic artist Vidna Obmana and a the experimental guitarist Serge Devadder.

An ambient artist who is continually exploring new pathways with an experimental guitarist have fashioned the loose curves and sloping depressions which outline The Shape of Solitude.
The standard six-string has been darkly transformed, reprocessed and combined with reflective synth atmospheres into an electronic 9.0 rumination of a solitary nature.

1 When A Dead Tree Sings 7:53
2 Evenings Prophecy 6:08
3 The Plain Truth 4:34
4 Perceptual Edge 7:26
5 A Stinging Memory Of Shared Skin 14:43
6 As Pain Is Cloaked With A Smile 3:14
7 Deceiving Mirror In An Obscure Room 3:52
8 Leaving This Place Again 8:19

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