Vision Of Shadows


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"PSYGRAM" are a "TEMPS PERDU?" side project responsible for realtime audio processing, electronics, loops and engineering.
The group started around the same time as Temps Perdu?, their music is focused on surreal ambient-industrial soundscapes and hypnotic live improvisations in a studio setting with influences of electro acustic music.
Psygram: „All our music is recorded in those magic moments where emotions, dreams and technology, melt together to achive a perfect musical copy of our subconcious.
All selections generated from chance processes, ranging from random sampling techniques to free form improvisation.
In a couple of words: Experimenta Ambient-Industrial.

1  Articulation     3:55
2  Time Out     1:15
3  Bedroom     3:42
4  Toilet Sex     5:05
5  Datibetda     3:05
6  Paranorm     3:39
7  Angels In Hell     3:56
8  Symphony No 23     3:24
9  Vision     3:11
10  Observation     4:53
11  Dance Of Shadows     8:00
12  SX     4:21
13  Laura's Secret     3:33
14  Paralyse     3:26

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