Viva Negativa! - A Tribute To The New Blockaders Volume I + Volume II


8xLP+7" in 2 Boxes (VOD 24 + VOD 25) - VINYL ON DEMAND

Limited Edition 500 copies

Two rare Vinyl Boxes released in 2006
We offer both boxes in one unique sollution - Both boxes are copies #068/500

A very special tribute to THE NEW BLOCKADERS!
TNB are a group that, more than any other, defines the essence of true noise music.
Emerging at the beginning of the 1980s alongside the industrial grind of Throbbing Gristle and the harsh, abrasive power electronics of Whitehouse, TNB stood out through a purity of vision.
They can truly be credited as pioneers of noise music as we know it today.

§  Viva Negativa! - A Tribute To The New Blockaders Volume I (4xLP + 7" Box)
A1  Asmus Tietchens - Kranzniederlegung
A2  Keith Fullerton Whitman - Sept. 27th 1960
A3  Nocturnal Emissions - This Morphing Void
A4  Plethora - Last Night I Dremt Of Anti-Fest, This Morning I Woke Up Deaf
A5  Silvum - Discreet Charms
B1  SRMeixner - The Church Of The Absurd
B2  The Haters - Mantra To Rot
B3  Daniel Menche - Smoldered Blockaders
B4  Nobuo Yamada - Prickle / Crevice
B5  Komafuzz - Damage Ax
C1  Ashtray Navigations - New Paint For Antisilence
C2  Zbigniew Karkowski - Chopped Mod
C3  Anomali - T.N.B.R.I.P.
C4  John Wiese - Annul
C5  Benzo - Nothing Controls Something
D1  Vortex Campaign - The Black Box
D2  Evil Moisture - New Kids On The Blockaders
D3  Cisfinitum - Out
D4  Massimo - History Of Everything
D5  MSBR - TNSBRupenus
E1  Jason Kahn - Rille
E2  Controlled Bleeding - The Latest Hole In My Head
E3  Pita - TNB II53
E4  V/Vm - What A Way To Go Shakey
E5  Treriksröset - Negativt Fortroendekapital
F1  Grunt - Saarto
F2  Thurston Moore - Corion Sound For T.N.B.
F3  Richard Ramirez - Cultural Blockade
F4  Scanner - Kohekohe
G1  Oren Ambarchi - Something From Nothing
G2  Emil Beaulieau - Anti-Vartan
G3  Dieter Müh - HOHL
G4  Z'EV - Chips For The New Block
G5  Lockweld - Catharsis Bomb
H1  Kraang - Silvers On Glass And Steel
H2  K.K. Null - Song X
H3  Prurient - Majdanek Slaughterhouse
H4  Freiband - Nichts

7" A  The New Blockaders - Manifesto (1982)
Composed By – Rupenus, Rupenus, Meixner - Read By – Cal McCormick, Victoria Hurr
7" B  The New Blockaders - Manifesto (1982)
Composed By – Imustak, Meixner / Read By – Cal McCormick, Victoria Hurr

§ Viva Negativa! - A Tribute To The New Blockaders Volume II (4xLP Box)
A1  Achim Wollscheid - Asignificant
A2  Brendan Walls - Viva Blockaders!
A3  Violent Onsen Geisha - Tarot Arcana Major No. XVI
A4  Christian Renou - Don't Do It
A5  AMK - Phlegm Angst
B1  Damion Romero - Broken Block
B2  Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - Simphonie Amodal
B3  Spiracle - Kundearistruct
B4  mnortham - Plotting Course On The Field Of Nothingness (AKA FI RA OT IC (old lmbird insmo hvo e))
C1  Merzbow - Oumagatoki Part 3
C2  Alexei Borisov - Two Into One
C3  Government Alpha - TaNgiBility
C4  Aaron Dilloway - Machine Rape (Blitzkrieg)
D1  Putrefier - Des Motifs De Mes Compositions Anterieures
D2  Eshak - Bachtcha
D3  Bloxus - Extrinct Raag
D4  Wolf Eyes - Fisted Gadgets
D5  Incapacitants - As Nonchalant As Possible
E1  Aube - RELB
E2  Jim O'Rourke - 407 Seconds Over
E3  Plexia - Variahb
E4  Dave Phillips - Metal-Klamauk
F1  Idea Fire Co. - Les Heros De La Barricade Finale
F2  Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock - Those Necrophile Birds
F3  Broken Penis Orchestra - The Kill Lump
F4  Lasse Marhaug - Good Blasphemy
F5  - Windowpane
G1  Courtis - Happy Blockaders Time
G2  Sudden Infant - New Simphonie In Sudden X Major
G3  Art Break - Objective Ground Level
G4  Withdrawal Method - Sans Regard
H1  Giancarlo Toniutti - Rumrudada
H2  Embudagonn - 108 Variations #0
H3  Cheapmachines Null - Opus 6:03
H4  RLW - Manifesto (For The Next Generation Of Blockaders)

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