vivisseccao [v̶i̶v̶i̶s̶s̶e̶c̶ç̶ã̶o̶ ]



GOD PUSSY is Jhones Silva from RIO DE JANEIRO / BRAZIL and this album was released by a JAPANESE Noise label...!
What a good mix, Brazil into Japan for an harsh noise release....

Anticapitalist harsh noise and  power electronics for almost a decade.
As the name album and artwork suggests, main theme here is animal testing.
Driven by anthropocentric, vivisection is the violation of life during animal testing.
The cruelty to profit and the long-awaited cure of diseases for humanity ends up mutilating, sacrificing and torturing several defenseless animals.Where abuse of power, violence and cruelty against the oppressed is frequent.

1. Anestesiado 02:51
2. Teste 02:59
3. Violação 01:13
4. Lucro 03:32
5. Laboratório 00:22
6. Irreversível 01:06
7. Moralidade 03:34
8. Injustiça 01:22
9. Execução 09:09
10. Crueldade 01:09
11. Tortura 04:21
12. Animal 00:22

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