Voided Landscapes


CD Digifile (LBRF052) - LIVE BAIT

Upon returning from a successful gig in Helsinki, Finland several inspired late night recording sessions began to take shape and morph into something a bit more cohesive.
Voided Landscapes is a bleak journey into the paths of dark industrial and minimal Death Ambient.
Using an arsenal of electronics, field recordings, strings and less conventional items, Voided Landscapes is a shifting beast that covers a lot of ground, but stays on a course that will not disappoint long time followers of the project.
Features guest appearances by Robert O'Lexa (Vengeance Space Quartet), Pauline Lombardo and Rebecca Potter (Both of Cunting Daughters).

1 Purity Burns 5:30
2 Radiate 5:41
3 Sifting Ash 6:24
4 Stale Earth Slumber 2:58
5 Concussion 4:14
6 Empty Language 4:32
7 Moss And Bone 4:57
8 Voided 5:24
9 Corrosive Materials 3:14

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