Stille|| Silence - Euthanasie in Hadamar 1941-1945


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Between 1941 and 1945 the national Socialists killed ten thousands of so-called 'mentally ill and retarded' people within their 'Euthansia' program.
For this purpose they built special killing institutions where selected people were brought and murdered.
Among the victims were also people with bomb and battle trauma.
The biggest of these institutions was located at the idyllic Hessian Hadamar.
The building is nearly untouched and is kept as a reminder of one of the darkest chapters of German history.

The multi-media-art-project 'Stille||Silence" by German photo artist Birthe Klementowski and German soundartist Vortex [Golgatha ]will document these incidents in an audio-visual way.
The carefully composed images show what is still present from the killing institution at Hadamar, some information is added by short quotes from primary literary sources (German).
The musical composition transposes these aspects and atmospheres into a complex 45-minutes electro-acoustic composition, featuring manipulated piano and violin sounds as well as field recordings.
A introductory essay is provided by the head of the Hadamar monument (German).
Photo artist Birthe Klementowski (born 1983) has so far created several album- and magazine-covers and was celebrated in „Konkursbuch 47: Der erotische Blick“ (2008) and the cultural magazine :Ikonen:. Vortex is well-known from the debut album 'Phanopoeia'.

Media-Book, Hardback, 62 pages, 26 bw-photos plus Audio-CD.

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