Weapon Design

JFK [Ramleh side project]


Limited Edition 300 copies

The very latest from Ramleh's Anthony Di Franco, whose long-running solo JFK project has been dedicated to the kinda concrete mixed rhythmic pummel countless others would almost kill for since the cassette network culture of the 1980s. Between then and now, JFK has had several albums released featuring either archive or his latest works at that particular time.
These have been endorsed by labels such as Harbinger Sound, Peripheral, Chondritic Sound and others plus, more importantly, have signalled a consistency in Anthony’s dedication to exploring those spaces where vast blocks of sound crumble into heavily polluted rivers of anger, despair and frustration.
It’s an immersive sound that, naturally, shares a little common ground with Ramleh yet emphasises the monstrous chasms that can be drawn from a sturdy combo of bass-churn and galvanised beats.
Whilst the labyrinthine textures beamed in from a steelworks remain very much suggestive of a charred psychedelia twisted way beyond any stupid hippie dream, JFK’s work remains hewn with a distinctive edge at once uncompromising and agile enough to pull you in without the slightest hint of a protest.
Music perfect for the age always hinted at when younger by pessimistic sci-fi films that we sometimes appear to be living in…
Weapon Design presents eight devastating tracks.
Mastered and cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy, London.
Limited edition of 300 black vinyl LPs.

A1. Secret Orders
A2. Weapon Design
A3. Nameless
A4. Demilitarized Zone
B1. Reality Slicer
B2. Weapon Design II
B3. Interference
B4. Pseudo Erotics

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