WEST STATE [Cyclotimia]


West State is a side project of the well-known Russian band CYCLOTOMIA.
In contrast to the main project's cold, sharply conceptual and monumental style, West State's music rather reminds of movie soundtracks that combine sci-fi with action, drama and a little romance.
Both the lovers of atmospheric IDM/ambient and unusual electronics in general, will love this unique musical "trip"...
Reminiscent of: Biosphere, Orbital, Download, Black Lung, early Delerium, Vangelis...

Here's what the musicians say: "We created West State to develop the ideas that appealed to us but did not fit in the framework of Cyclotimia, our core project.
This explains why our work has been spontaneous and sporadic, and some of the tracks remained unfinished for years on end.
Besides, West State embraces some of the tracks that were originally meant for Cyclotimia.
Despite the seemingly eclectic content and its being created at different times and on different equipment, the result is a complete and self-contained album, not a compilation"

1 Tension Part I
2 Terminal
3 Transit Lounge
4 Flowers In The Train
5 Automatique
6 Xmas Theme
7 Wires
8 Tension Part II
9 Cloaka
10 Docking
11 Travellers
12 Room 101
13 Sex Appeal
14 Lullaby
15 Gathering
16 Tension Part III
17 Kindergarten
18 Filed Rex
19 Midnight Fever
20 I-Light

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