Where Suns Come To Die



Where Suns Come To Die is an exploration of growing older; the disappointment that follows and the omnipresent dissociation from the world and life as such.
In a mixture of sampled classical songs from the beginning of the last century and recorded instruments such as reed organ, horns and strings the music reflects on a nostalgia and a feeling of disconnection to the modern world.
Holding on to what last shreds of beauty still lingers Where suns come to die is a reminder that life is with end and we all must offer ourselves to the soil.
Where Suns Come To Die consists of four tracks featuring Thomas Bøjden of Die Weisse Rose on vocals. 

1. This Bitter Earth (8:18)
2. I Surrender To The Soil (10:02)
3. Hymn (4:48)
4. The Grinding Wheels Of Time (13:10)

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