Echoes of the past...not far away


CD Folder (BOP 5.0) - BEAST OF PREY

From chaos to brightness.
From dark ambient to more classic industrial sounds.
From material world sikness to full spirituality.
A mental travel using best rdark ambient industrial sounds.

1 Abyssynthia (3:37)
2 Le Jour Du Soleil Noir (4:12)
3 R.otten I.ra P.uryfication (4:34)
4 Underain (8:35)
5 Echoes Of 3rd (5:28)
6 Paincarnation (Reborn In Ash'kelon Mx By Wulgata) (7:52)
7 Semiase (Titanium Doll) (7:30)
8 Ganges Flow (13:19)

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