Terrorist Activity / Atto Unico di Terrorismo Futurista


CD Folder (silent 007) - SILENT MINDS ORG

A succession of noise, images, live performance, futurist text,analog sounds, systematic use of violence as a means of expression.
Concept album about the state terrorism, new poverty, nationalism and the economic powers.
Obsessions ...
Act of violence against society.
One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

01. Io Odio lo Stato in Cui Vivo
02. Piccolo Catechismo ad Uso Delle Classi Inferiori
03. Societa' Liquida e Ceramiche Sanitarie
04. Alien World of Things and Price
05. With Usura
06. Sacro Lacrimogeno
07. Workingman Unte !
08. Notte di Tafferugli in Montagna
09. Nacionalizacion
10. Vote Please

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