Despite the existence of Massimo Magrini's project since 1991, Bad Sector has rarely been released on vinyl.
There have been a few 7 inches and one 10 inch released back in the Nineties.
Now is the time for the very first vinyl in 12 inch format! Xela originally appeared on CD in 2001 and contained an edited and remastered version of a backing tape from a 1996 festival performance in Berlin, that was curated by Staalplaat.
Especially mastered for vinyl, Xela is everything that the specific sound of Massimo Magrini stands for.
Deep droning waves echoing through the abyss are underpinned by minimalistic archaic rhythms and processed radio transmissions, creating an inexplicable mystery of beautiful and timeless sound sculptures.

Xela Part I
Xela Part II

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