CD Jewel-Box (kip-002) - KORM PLASTICS

French sound-sculptor Christian Renou deals hear with the glorious French tradition of "musique concrete" and sound collage.
His compositions (that treat, assemble and mix acoustic sounds) rely on dense, rapid-fire montage.
They wed cacophony and dynamics, emphasizing both the element of discontinuity and the element of continuity.
Mixing the old "Musique Concrete" tradion with the "negative" virus of "Industrial"..

1 Xenos 1:22
2 Bluffing The Solar Winds 17:18
3 Kibil 1:14
4 Feed Your Enemies 8:53
5 Kill All Living Gods 5:42
6 Xeros 7:35
7 The Great Trickery 4:50
8 Inner Battle II 5:43
9 25-12-92-Matrix 6:52
10 Fuck You Simon! 7:36

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