Yeha! Pink Piss Tapes


Music Cassette (PPT-03) - PINK PISS TAPES

Limited Edition 50 copies


Third tape release in the PINK PISS SERIES.

Lilian Pelizzari Giust invited MO*TE for a tape release on her just founded "Pink Piss Tapes" label.
Her "Monster" art-works created by using natural and organic material such as leaves, branches, feathers, flowers, moss, stones & much more are amazing and beautiful.
I was really intrigued and interested in such a possible collaboration by MO*TE and PPT.
Japnoise musician meets the Italian Monsters-Lady...
For this release MO*TE was delivering some old sound dated back in 1997 plus some brand-new exclusive sounds recorded at the end of 2020.
- Fumiyuki Nagura

Simply best and powerfull Japanoise!

Visionary Metamorphoses Art-Work by Lilian Pelizzari Giust.
Limited hand-numbered edition of 50 copies with full printed tape-body and double-sided printed cover.
Exclusively distributed through OLD EUROPA CAFE

A1. Pass Out (remix)
A2. Momentary (remix)
A3. Drowning (remix)
A4. Wet Floor (remix)

B1. GIG Of VOICE-1 (11:30)
B2. GIG Of VOICE-2 (12:30)


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