CD Digifile (Spill # 016) - OUT OF CHANNEL

This album contains a collection of very extreme vocal recits from Bryan Lewis Saunders, with sonic accompaniment by Z’EV.
Saunders recounts nightmarish tales of mental anguish and medical disasters, with titles like ‘The Absurdity of Pain’, some of them involving much personal bodily agony. Saunders’ work has been described as “visceral”, and his very urgent near-hysterical voice on these pieces (he literally sounds like he is possessed by demons) will probably alarm most listeners, if not repel them entirely, while Z’EV’s eerie distorted electronic sounds also tend to induce paranoia, claustrophobia, and a general sense of unease.
The album comes packaged in a elegant silk-screened / hand-made digifile.

1 Intro (1:20)
2 The Absurdity Of Pain (11:42)
3 Giving It A Name (5:28)
4 Philosophy Of The Anti-Hole And Hole (5:14)
5 Embracement (13:13)

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