Live in Arnhem / The Goatheard and the Beast


2xCD Digifile (ATNR 033) - ATHANOR

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Michael DeWitt’s Zero Kama was the precursor of the ritual and magick inspired music scene with bands like Coil or Psychic TV.
Their label Nekrophile was a big influence on many individuals .
Zero Kama did only two performances, in Amsterdam and Arnheim.
This last one being presented here for the first time on CD.
In concert, Zero Kama’s sounds was quite different than on their only studio album "The Secret Eye of LAYLAH".
They used acoustic instruments as well as bass and guitars.
For this concert (Arnhem, September 14th, 1985) Zero Kama were Michael DeWitt (concept, tapes, voice, bone instruments, shenai, violin, percussion), Muki Pakesch (tapes, guitar, bass drum), Didi Neidhardt (bass, bass drum, congas, percussion), David Aranyos (bass, bass drum, voice, percussion), Wolfgang Lehner (super-8 film and slide projection). Live mix by Martin “the Viech” Wich.
The CD also features the interview Zero Kama did for Stad Radio in Amsterdam 1985.

The second disc is a bonus CD that contains the rare tracks Zero Kama did previously to the legendary Secret Eye of Laylah LP released by Athanor as a ltd edition 10".
It includes the track Liber AL I.13 based upon a verse from Aleister Crowley's Liber AL vel Legis or The Book of the Law, this track is the only remaining part of a later abandoned project in which Zero Kama intended to set Crowley's Liber AL to music.
Other tracks, like "Prayer of Zos", are based on the writings of Austin Osman Spare, whose Zos Kia Cultus was another major influence to Zero Kama’s work.
Both CD were remastered by Andreas Resch and packaged as a 6-panel digifile designed by Niko Skorpio/MooPica, with archives photos from the concert.

§ Live in Arenheim - CD 1:
1. V.V.V.V.V.  6:10
2. Quabalistic Cross  1:04
3. Seven Nights of Tantra  4:53
4. The Call of the Aethyrs  6:30
5. Prayer of Zos  8:21
6. 2CR11 (Love alway Yieldeth)  5:01
7. Pygmy Dance  8:41
8. Inauguration (of the Pleasure Dome)  7:37
9. Kyrie (BDSM version) Zero Kama Interview Radio Stad, Amsterdam (12.9.1985)  17:37

The Goathead and the Beast - CD 2 :
1. Prayer Of Zos  6:46
2. Seven Nights Of Tantra  3:58
3. Liber AL I.13  2:55
4. V.V.V.V.V.  7:16
5. Post Mortem : The Sea Of Cefalu  1:55

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