Catholic Priests Fuck Children


CD Jewel-Box + Slipcase (HOS-499) - HOSPITAL PRODUCTIONS

The Priest emerges from the darkness of the confessional…
The controversial and timeless classic of ultimate cynical power electronics.
A biting rebuke of hypocrisy and a manifestation of the cultural terror network.
Audio taken from the masters and the original industrial punk artwork faithfully restored and on CD for the first time.
Housed in a slipcase CD sheath.
An album before it’s time shows the grey wolves subtle and caustic combinations of power drones, eerie prayer-like loops, sub bass rhythms, electronic noise that support a voice of total condemnation.
What many have tried to imitate for years and never even came close.
Impossible to top this group’s visual and sonic ‘artwar’.
We owe them a debt of papal gold for what many would argue is their definitive album.

1 New Luddites 5:55
2 Beyond Hypocrisy 5:42
3 Turning The Tide 4:37
4 Breach Of Faith 5:26
5 Nothing Sacred 4:28
6 Skin Tight Orbit 4:05
7 State Of Siege 6:05
8 Deconstruction 5:32

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