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FREIBAND [Frans De Waard / Kapotte Muziek]

3" Mini CD folder (SLR 34) - SCARCELIGHT

Freiband is the latest project by Frans de Waard (also founding member of Kapotte Muziek, Beequeen, Goem).
Freiband was inspired by the tape-scratching of Asmus Tietchens on his CD 'Daseinsverfehlung', but here applied to an entirely digital context by scratching the harddisc.
The result is warm, glitchy popmusic; that is, music made out of popping sounds.
On the second Freiband CD 'Homeward' (Bottrop-Boy), the favourite popsongs of De Waard from the late seventies and early eighties received a similar treatment.
Around the same time, he took the idea a little bit further, using one song to make eight different tracks out of it.
More than appropiate Frans has taken the greatest pop music group, The Beatles, and given their lone instrumental "Flying" the Freiband treatment.
The effect is an enrapturing collection of songs awash in a metallic sheen, each one minimal in nature, that distill the essence of psychedelia through modern electronics. {flying} completes the recycling of popmusic by Freiband.

artwork is a beautiful full color vellum sleeve, with color scheme inspired by the Beatle's album 'Magical Mystery Tour'

Tracklist :
01. part 1
02. part 2
03. part 3
04. part 4
05. part 5
06. part 6
07. part 7
08. part 8

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