CD Jewel Box (LUN 004) - LUNA IN CAELO

Urdimbre (Warp) is LUNA IN CAELO's fourth album. It's name came from the story telling structures of singer Alejandra Araya's lyrics, where different lines mix up in a mesh, all around the idea of the woman. Some of the fifteen titles are Furia (fury) that's about the violence of seeing the female body as an object, Remedios is about spanish painter Remedios Varo, Martirio (martymdom) is about family violence, Sopor (stupor) is based in
Alice in Wonderland's oniric atmosphere, Capullo (cocoon) is about
maternity, Al Monte (into the mountain) is a true kidnapping in XVIII century Chile, a girl who runs with a singing indian. Oruga (caterpillar) is based in Kafka's Metamorphosys but in a changing woman body context, Suavecito (softly) is about the our parents marriages made without love, Reflexo (reflex) is about a woman who sees death in the mirror, El olvido (the oblivion) is a tragic love story.

Urdimbre's direct lyrics are coupled with very clear and intimate music, a new sound to Luna In Caelo, different from the ethereal and ritual atmospheres created in previous discs, but keeping the intensity of guitar based music.

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