Bizarre Uproar has undertaken many a rather remarkable journey over these last years.
Having gained notoriety, respect and disgust for the authentic BDSM and fetish aesthetics, the crude and sadistic sounds and a variety of intense live actions, Pasi Markkula has never feared to reinvent techniques and follow paths which could be hard to digest to say at least.
More recent outputs such as “Vihameditaatio” or “Dekadenz” could probably be described best as static sickness, which draws its power from skilled interactions between monotonous bleakness and harshest brutalism
“Sikiöasento” is a great example of how Bizarre Uproar succeeds at fusing new ideas with old (but gold) tricks.
Possibly, this album recaptures the mania and hate of past triumphs like “Purification” or “Mother” more than the last ones but maintains the same level of darkness and disgust that defined the younger outputs.
“Sikiöasento” strangles its listener with hate-filled eyes and foam running from its mouth.
Markkula's iconic vocals howl with heavy delay and spite and narrate the peaks and depths of the sonic rage enclosed.
Hate, chaos and death are merged into one and the result is nothing short of pulverising.
The violence reigns supreme and the intensity is as high as it could possibly be.

1-1 Sikiöasento 51:14
2-1 Uproar Bizarre 38:23

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