Cathedral Inside Me


Music Cassette (DSC #122) - DUMPSTER SCORE

Limited Edition 75 copies

"VRNA is the long-standing project of Italian multi-instrumentalist and renowned tattoo artist Gianluca Martucci.
Starting out in the late 90's he has released a wealth of amazing and understated material on labels such as Slaughter Productions and Old Europa Cafe.
With a fluid sound that ranges from pitch black ambience, ancient sounding ritualistic drones and true old school Italian industrial atmospheres.
His work can sound like the soundtrack to a forgotten folk horror film.
Using surprisingly almost entirely acoustic instruments, many different drums/percussion and a often a chanted choir like voice, supplemented by electronics, there is a real uniqueness found in his music in a field dominated by synths and pedals.

Limited edition of 75.

A1  Spiritual Fog 7:03
A2  Cave Eternal 4:53
A3  Mens Sana / Corpore Cruciat 7:00
B1  A Cathedral Inside My Body 7:20
B2  The Keystone Ground To Ashes 6:43

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