Gamma Ænigma (Gamma Aenigma)

ᚾᛟᚢ II // ᚦᛟᚦ ᚷᛁᚷ [Nordvargr & Trepaneringsritualen collaboration]

CD in DVD-Sized Digipak (OECD 324) - OLD EUROPA CAFE


The mission continues!
ᚾᛟᚢ II // ᚦᛟᚦ ᚷᛁᚷ, a very special & bleak collaborative project by Nordvargr & Trepaneringsritualen, is going to strike again!
"Gamma Ænigma" is third chapter in that special trilogy.
A full range of Dark, Northern, Ritual Sounds.
A deep dive into spirituality and darkness.

After Hair and Teeth, the sounds & art-work for this third chapter are devoted to Finger/Nails.
As for the first two chapters also this CD comes in a DVD/A5 sized Digipak.

1.  Ur nättrans vrede
2.  Vånda och ve
3.  Nagla nagla
4.  Vidare åkallan af harm

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