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CD Digifile (FA-CD-164) - FREAK ANIMAL

Debut CD on Finnish Karmic Delusions.
At this moment new Finlad sound material is largely associated with harsh noise, but there are also other sounds.
Karmic Delusions offers industrial noise that could be lumped together with Finnish bands such as Cloama and Eleczema, yet also heavily leaning towards harsh noise.
Traditional oscillations, fierce electronic drones and physical noise is combined with innovative sounds and slightly unusual combinations.
Stylish digigatefold package.

1.  Smeared With Ash From The Cremation Ground 7:28
2.  Thy Feeble Faith 9:32
3.  To Touch One's Own Insanity 6:06
4.  Let The Bad Blood Out 6:06
5.  Question Your Beliefs With Hammer 7:12
6.  Death Finally Silences Your Silly Mind 6:44
7.  To The Light, Let The Void Have You 7:45

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